Pregnancy Yoga: Light Exercises or Sookshm Vayam

There are some light exercises recommended for maintaining healthy joints and providing strength, agility and soundness to the nervous system. Let’s watch complete videos(covering legs only) at the first then will demonstrate step-by-by videos for better understanding.

Light Exercise Playlist


Steps Before All Light Exercises

All the asanas that are done in sitting position are begun with Dandasana. Both feet should be stretched straight in the front, held together. Both the hands should rest on the either side of the waist with palms touching the ground and the fingers facing backwards. Keep the hands and the waist absolutely straight and practice as per shown in the videos.  

1. Covering legs : For the fingers of the toes
Slowly but forcefully press the toes together in a forward movement while keeping the heels still. Do the same in a backward movement also. Repeat this to ten times. 

2. Covering legs: For the heels and the feet 
With both feet joined together, press the entire feet slowly, forward and backwards. The heels will rub with the ground while doing this exercises, which is beneficial for sciatica pain and knees. Repeat this to ten times. 
3. Covering legs: For the Ankle 
Keep both the feet at a distance. First rotate the ankle of the right foot in a clockwise direction (try to make Zero) for 10 times and then do the same in the anti clock wise direction. In the same way, exercise with the other foot and lastly with both the feet held together. 

4. Covering legs: For the knees
a) Keeping the legs straight, keep both the hands on the sides touching the floor. While pressing and releasing the kneecaps, perform the action of contraction and expansion. 

b)  Titli (Butterfly) Asana
– Fold both the legs from knees and hold the bases of the feet together and bring them to the joints of the thighs.
– After that move the knees up and down as the wings of a butterfly for two minutes.
– It helps in maintaining a health hip joint, and also helps in reducing the excess fat around the hips and thighs.
– This asana  helps pregnant women to deliver normally and naturally.

c)-Standing straight keep both heels and knees together, touching each other.
– Put both the palms on the knees and rotate in a circular motion, first in the left and then in the right direction.
– Repeat this for 10 times clock and anti clockwise.

5. Covering Hands: For the fingers of the hands
Sit in the bazraasana / dandasana / sukhasana. Or can be done sitting on the chairs or while standing( for them who are not able to sit due to knee pain).
a) Stretch both the hands in the front keeping them aligned with the shoulders and palms facing down. Fold the fingers slowly but forcefully and then release them. Repeat 10-12 times.
b) Fold both the thumbs inside and press them with the fingers making a fist like shape, and then slowly open them. Repeat them 10-12 times.

6. Covering Hands: For the hands, wrist, cervical spondylitis and frozen shoulders
– Fold the thumbs, press them with the fingers to form closed fists like shape and keep the hands aligned with the shoulders, stretched in front. 
– Now hold one hand – wrist with the other hand – palm and start rotating first in clockwise direction and then in anti clock wise direction. It can be done from 10-12 times. The rotation frequency for clock and anti clock wise would be same. 
– Repeat the same with both the hands for 10- 12 times. 

7. Covering Hands: For the Elbows 
a) Stretch both arms in front aligned with the shoulders and palms facing upwards. 
– Now fold both elbows such that the fingers touch the respective shoulders. 
b) Repeat the same exercise while stretching the hands sideways aligned with the shoulders. 
Both a) and b) can be repeated for 10 times. 

8. For the heart, cervical and shoulder pain 
– Fold both hands and keep them on the respective shoulders from the front. 
– Keep the elbows in level with the shoulders. Then with both elbows touching, in front of the chest, rotate them so as to form a large circle. 
 – Repeat this for 10 times and then do same from the opposite direction also. 

9. For the neck
a) Sit straight and rotate the neck towards the right to touch the right shoulder. In the same way, touch it with the left shoulder. 
– After this, bend the neck in front such that the chin touches the chest and then slowly take it backwards bending as much as you can. 
– In the end, rotate the neck in a circular motion in both the directions. Repeat the same for 10 times.   
b) While inhaling , keep the right palm on the right side of the head above the ear and hold the breathing and press the palm against the head such that both exert pressure against each other. And, then release the oxygen while removing palm from head. This mutual pressure will create a vibration in the neck. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times. 
– Now undertake the entire exercise with the left hand on the left side of the head. 
c) While inhaling, interlock the fingers of both the hands and hold the breathing and then press them together against the rear of the head, both exerting pressure on each other. 
– While doing this, the neck and head should be kept straight. After that, release the oxygen, and relax the hands and head. 
– The mutual pressure will create a vibration in the neck, which would be beneficial for the neck and its proper blood circulation. 

10. For the Eyes
– Keeping the neck straight, rotate the pupils of the eyes up-down and then left – right. Thereafter rotate the pupils in a circular motion.

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