Ayurvedic Diet Chart for Obesity


– Fruit Salad- Papaya /  Pineapple /  Orange / Watermelon / Cucumber / Gauva  OR
– Juice of Sweet Gourd (Gourd- 500gm, + Mint leaves  7 leaves   +  Tulasi ( Holi Basil ) leaves  7 leaves) make a paste and squeezed out the juice. Take one cup, empty stomach, in the morning. 


– Wheat Products + any leafy vegetables with pulses especially moong  + Green Salad 

– Pooridge  (For obese and diabetic to reduce weight ) :- 
Wheat- 500 gm
Rice – 500 gm
Millet – 500 gm 
Moong Pulse – 500 gm

(All these corns should be mixed together, roasted on mild fire and ground coarsely. To this, 20 gm of ajavayana ( carom) and 50 gm  of white til (sesame seeds) should be added. 50 gms of this mixture should be cooked with 400ml of water by adding vegetables ( according to taste) and a little salt. 


– Sprouted Moong and gram       OR
– Fresh Paneer of cow’s milk       OR
– Home made juice ( Mausami / Orange / Pomegranate / Pineapple / watermelon) 


Wheat products with  any vegetables and green salad. Milk without cream at bed time. 

Note:-  Recommended hot water to drink always to reduce fat easily. 

Avoid things(Unwholesome)

Avoid the intake of all types of fats and their preparations, and heavy as well as sweet things, sleep after food during day time, eating palatable  things in excessive quantity, and laziness.