Markat-asana or Monkey Pose Twist: Type 3

This post(type-3) is in continuation of my earlier post Type-1 &  Type-2 Benefits  1. Bring improvement in intestines, relieves constipation and  indigestion. 2. Relaxes stiffness of legs, back muscles. 3. Spine gets  flexibility. Backaches decreases. 4. Useful in cervical spondylitis, slip disc, and sciatica. Also useful in stomach pain, dysentery, and…………..

Makar-asana: Crocodile Pose

This asana is originated from Sanskrit word Makara +Asana i.e. Crocodile + Posture.  Benefits Its an important exercise for your spinal chord, which may subside sciatica pain, cervical spondylitis. If you have arthritis, along with this exercise, you can also go for massage with the Peedantak Oil…………..