Want Awareness?

Dear All Yoga Enthusiasts,
We support online(on Skype , account : yogatute) or offline(in Bangalore, India) yoga classes. Showing you the details of different types of Yoga or Ayurveda sessions. Have a look of it and select the most suitable for your employees or students. Modification can be done as per your requirement. 

Details of Yoga Awareness Session:-

Part 1. (1 hour session)

General Yoga for Healthy Human Being and child yoga.

a) Sookshm Vayam or Light exercise  -7
b) Pranayam-7
c) Asanas – 7

Part 2. (45mins session)

For Mothers and pregnant lady.

a) Pre- Pregnancy/ Pre natal
b) During Pregnancy/ Ante natal
c) Post Pregnancy/ After delivery

Part 3.  (1 and half hour)

Specialised Yoga for diseased.

a) Thyroid Control
b) Diabetes cure, Stomach Problem
c) Weight management/ Obesity Control
d) Back Pain, spine
e) Infertility/ Menstrual Problem

Part 4.(15mins session)


Part 5.(45mins session)

Home made remedies 


Part 6. Weekdays Yoga Class ( 1 hour session)

Monday- 7- soochm vayam, pranayam, asana-  kandhrasan, setubandh Asana, bhujangasana, tiryak bhujangasana , twice suryanamaskar.

Tuesday- 7 – soochmvayayam, pranayam, asana- dvicakrikasana -1 and 2, padavrttasana- 1 and 2, srwaang Asana, ardh halasana, halasana, twice suryanamaskar.
Wednesday- 7 –  soochm vayayam, pranayam, asana-
naukasana , and deergh naukasana. Salabhasana 1, 2, and 3 and surya namaskaar  twice
Thursday- 7 – soochm vayayam, pranayam, asana- chakrasana, dhanurasana, pawan  muktasana, suryanamaskar twice
Friday- 7 – soochm vayayam, pranayam, asana- padangusta sparshasana, markatasana-3, yogmudrasana, and mandukasana, suryanamaskar twice.
Yoga during menstrual cycle- soochm vayayam, pranayam- bashtrika pranayam, anulom vilom, sheethkari, sheetli, ujayi, bharmari and udhgeeth , asana- bhunamanasana, Trikonasana, badha konasana, supta  badhakonasana, virasana, supta  virasana, matysyasana. 

Saturday or Sunday : We can decide special awareness classes on demand. 

If you have some queries or you need to discuss health related issues, please send a private message. We will try our best to get back to you.