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Dhanurasana – Bow Pose Asana

This asana looks like a strung bow. The entire body is curved like a bow and is held with the arms as if forming a string to bend the bow. 





1. Lie down flat ventrally (flat on stomach) on the floor. Keep both the legs (including toes, heels, knees, and thighs) close together. 
2. Keep the arms alongside the trunk. Take twice long breath. At the same time, bring the feet towards the buttocks. 
3. While inhaling deeply, raise the head and the chest slightly off the floor and catch the left and right ankle with the left and right hand. And, at the same time raise the thighs and knees above the ground. Naval and parts nearer to stomach and stomach should be touching the ground. Remain in this position between 10 – 30 Seconds. 
4. While exhaling, bend the knees, lower the chest, release the ankles, and straighten the legs, Take the head and the trunk down and lie flat on the floor. 
5. This can be done for thrice after having normal breathing. 


1. This asanas brings elasticity to the spine and tones the abdominal organs. 
2. Helps in curing menstruation disorders. 
3. Beneficials for Sciatica, Cervical Spondylitis , Back Pain, Stomach diseases. 
4. Also improves urinary disorders. And one who urinates due to fear can be cured by practising this asana. 

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