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Navasana or Naukasana (Boat Pose Asana)

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This asana resembles a boat. Means the posture of the body look like boat.


1. Lie down straight on the ground keeping both the hands palm  on the thighs .
2. While inhaling, first raise head and shoulder and then raise both the legs off the ground making 30degree with 
the ground. All head, hands and legs shall be raised like a boat.
3. Be in the same position between 10- 30 seconds, and then slowly come to the normal position while exhaling. Same steps can be repeated for 3-6 times.
4. After doing this asana , we should do Dhanurasana.


1. This asana cures intestines, and also removes acidity, constipation, and obesity. 

2. It reduces the fat and obesity.

Those suffering from acute back ache, should practice it using one leg at one time.


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