Yoga is a physical, mental, spiritual , social and ascetic discipline or practice which includes breath control (PRANAYAM) , meditation (DHYAN) and adoption of specific bodily postures (ASANAS ) for healthy life and finally towards self-realization. 

The word Yoga is originated from the Sanskrit word ‘YUJ’, which means to yoke, join or unite the spirit and the physical body together. In other words, yoga is the union of the soul with the eternal truth, a state of unalloyed bliss, arising from conquest of dualities and differences.

The practice and study of Yoga sharpens the power of judgement and leads towards understanding the true nature of the soul which cannot be fully comprehended by the senses or the intellect mind alone. it also enables one to attain the pure state of consciousness and to realize the inner self. Not only this, but also frees from life’s sorrows and from the diseases and fluctuations of the mind. It gives serenity and composure, an inward unity towards the diverse struggles of life. It is the experience of one’s self-acquired knowledge, and not the result of book-learning, theoretical argumentation or logical discussion. 

Yoga is a philosophy, a way of life, where in art and science meet. Yoga enhances the quality of one’s life. Hence it is an art of living. Yoga is a science since it consists of acquiring knowledge through practice and experiment. it is a science which deals with the body and the mind, where the rhythm of the mind is conquered by controlling the body, and only after reaching equilibrium, one become fit for self-realization. As Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna in Indian Epic- Bhagwat Geeta II, 50, i.e. it is the knowledge of Yoga alone that enables an intellectual whose mind is at peace to discriminate between good and evil and to guide the course of his life skillfully and peacefully. 




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