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Yoga for Antenatal or During Pregnancy

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There is a misconception among the people that, no asanas and pranayam shall be continued during pregnancy. Normally, women are afraid to do pranayama and asanas during this time.

This section has been specially posted to give women the courage to do specific yoga at this time and experience them better health during pregnancy and delivery, as well as in the post natal period. Even babies will have no complications related to their health and maximum immunity to fight with unfavorable conditions.

The pranayamas and asanas mentioned below are fully experimented and designed to keep the expectant mother healthy so that she can fight with complications such as vomiting, morning sickness, constipation, indigestion, acidity, swelling of the legs, headache, back ache, asthma, toxaemia , high BP, high temperature and so on.

The pranayam is mainly intended to remove fatigue, nervous tension, and to eliminate toxins and wastes so that the mental and the physical states remain healthier and happier.
Also,the asanas  have been carefully chosen to ensure free movement and growth of foetus in the mother’s womb, which will in turn facilitate a natural, easy and less pain delivery.
One important thing one should remember that while performing asanas, do not constrict or compress the uterine system or abdomen. The bending of the body depends upon elasticity,correct movement and good breathing. And, the Sadhaka must do judgement in her yoga practice, whether she is comfortable or not while doing the same since whatever is shown in the video is a general programme for women of normal breathing and flexibility. Some may not be able to follow the entire programme given but may select the yoga which at least maintain the physical and mental well being and ensure comfortable delivery.
Following are the types of yoga followed during pregnancy:-

3. Asanas (applicable in II,III trimester)


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