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Dvicakrikasana (Leg Rolling Exercise) for Weight Management

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  1. Lie down straight on your back and keep the hands below the hips.
  2. Stop the breath and starts rotating both the legs as if riding a bicycle in a clock wise direction. ( fold one leg up to the knee and bring towards the chest, stretch the other leg straight up to the ground) .
  3. Repeat this from 10- 30 times as per the capacity.
  4. Lie down in savasana and rest for some time and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction and rest again when tired.
  5. In second level, inhale and hold the breath.
  6. Rotate both the legs in a cyclic motion touching together from thigh to thigh, knee to knee, ankle to ankle in clock wise direction ( 5-10 times) and anti clockwise direction (5-10 times) .
  7. In between clockwise and anticlockwise steps, do savasana and breath in and out deeply.



This is the best exercise to reduce weight of belly and legs very quickly. 



Those who have backache, heart diseases or hernia should not do the exercise with both the legs together.

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