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Markat-asana or Monkey Pose Twist: Type 2

This post is in continuation of my earlier post Type-1.


Let’s start with second pose of Markat-asana.


1. Bring improvement in intestines, relieves constipation and  indigestion.
2. Relaxes stiffness of legs, back muscles.
3. Spine gets  flexibility. Backaches decreases.
4. Useful in cervical spondylitis, slip disc, and sciatica. Also useful in stomach pain, dysentery, and gastric problems.
5. This asana is good for kidneys, liver, spleen and many other ailments.


1. Lie down in Sav-asana, sleep with the help of your back. 

2. Both the hands raised to the level of the shoulders. Palms facing upwards.

3. Fold both of your legs from the knees. Keep your folded legs at some distance from each other. Both the hands raised to the level of the shoulders, palms facing upwards.

4. While breathing in, turn your legs towards right, right knee resting on the ground, and left knee above the heel and toe of the right leg. 

Neck towards left, that is opposite side. And the breath still in. 


5. Come to the original posture, while exhaling. Stopping in between.


6. Practice same with other side as well. Bend your both the legs towards left, left knee resting on the ground, right knee above the heels and the toes of the left leg.

Neck will be always towards opposite side. Breath will be in. 


 Come to the normal position. Breath normally for some times. Repeat all steps again.


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