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Shalabhasana – Locust / Grasshopper Pose – 3

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This post is in continuation (part 3) of my earlier posts. For more details, below links can be practised.



This is important asana for the health of  the lower back and for the spinal chord. This section also covers sciatica pain, slip disc and cervical spondylitis, and weight management.


1. After doing salabhasana 1 and 2, practice salabhasana -3.  Remain in the same position, take both the hands behind and hold the wrists of one hand with the other.

2. Inhale and at first lift the chest as much as possible and look upwards. And then slowly lift the body from both sides. Remain in the same position for 10-30 secs while holding the breath.

3. While exhaling, come back to the original position.

4. Start with once in the starting, and later increase to 3-4 times.
Step 1: Resting position
Step 2: While inhaling bend backward
Step 3: While exhaling come back to resting position
Repeat all steps again…….

Start your first day with twice or thrice 
and then slowly increase to thrice or 5 -7 times per day. 

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