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Breast-feeding and Sagging Myth

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This article is dedicated for the expectant mothers who may be reluctant to breastfeed because of this unfounded myth that doing so results the breast ptosis(Sagging).


The health benefits of breast milk for infants are well documented, but breastfeeding is avoided by many women because of concern about its aesthetics.
However, breastfeeding and Ptosis has less degree of co-relation , in fact there is very little objective data to support this view.

University of Kentucky, New York, Plastic Surgeon, Brian Rinker and his colleagues interviewed 132 women who came in for breast augmentation between 1998 – 2006.
Out of 132patients , 93 met the study criteria.

Survey Table

     Age     Category    Number of Patients
  41 Yeasrs       BF      54
  39 Years      NBF      39
     Total      93

BF – Breast Feeding
NBF – Non Breast Feeding

Result of Survey– Out of 93 patients, 51 has an adverse change in breast shape.

Rinker concluded in his study that Age factor, BMI, number of pregnancies, and smoking status is independent risk factors for breast sagging rather than breastfeeding.
Rinker noted that the smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin, which gives youthful skin, its elastic appearance and support the breast.

Pregnancy also has very strong contribution to breast ptosis. And, naturally, post nursing mothers or non breastfeeding mothers both observes breast sagging due to expansion of the breast size during pregnancy.


So, there is nothing to do with breastfeeding, whether you feed or not , sagging is a natural phenomenon with aging and pregnancy. But, the degree of sagging depends on various other key factors like BMI, sudden weight gain or weight loss ( greater than 50 pounds or 23 kg) , smoking status.

The wonderful bond you create with your baby when you breastfeed is like no other. And, the health benefits of the breastfeeding to the infant will encourage new mothers for breastfeeding.

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