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Yoga should not be an option, but a discipline.

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If there is one thing that you could just do for yourself, consider Yoga. Because, yoga works with your body to find what’s right for you. A most common example, can be weight balancing. A overweight person once start yogic practice, reduces weight gradually. And, once it reaches a standard weight, it doesn’t reduce even if the yoga hours is increased. On the other hand, if underweight people start yoga, they increase weight. Thus, yoga works wisely as per body requirements.

Every time, when I come across any patient’s problem, a simple question arises in my mind, “how much time we give to ourselves, for our valuable wealth, i.e. Health?”. I keep on asking this to each and every one, the only answer I get is “Sorry, NO TIME“. We give time to everything, but, when it comes to health, we have no time. I think, these are the excuses, we make. We have enough time, the only thing which we need is, to prioritize our NEED.

I believe, the habit of keeping ourselves healthy should come from first family. It should be like basic cleaning activities. How we brush teeth, take bath. Same way, we can educate child to do yoga as a means of being keeping away from a doctor.


yoga should not be an option

Some people realizes due to some pain experience in the past, but some may not. Some people get awareness from family, school, society at right time, but some may not. Believe me, you should not wait for the problems to come. Prevention is always better option. Sometimes, it become too late, by the time we realize, our body would not support.

As per my experience, yoga practice will give you strength to do whatever you want to get in your life. It will always add on to your education, experience, work life balance and even success. I don’t want to discuss here, how it does. But, you can always give a try and experience it.

Lastly, I would like to suggest you to become aware of yourself, and start listening to your body, it’s need, its pace, and its importance.

Yoga has immense power, it’s something more than a physical activity. It has several consequences other than just keeping you physically fit:-

  1. Once you start yoga practice, you need not to visit hospital, self-healing becomes faster.
  2. You create your own world.
  3. You starts accepting life.
  4. You develop positive thought process, and also mindfulness.
  5. Your creativity and production will bloom. Success becomes a consequence.
  6. A longer painless life becomes a consequence.
  7. Yoga also stimulates good hormones, that gives you peace, happiness and well-being. A good life is a consequence.
  8. You also become a good person, (good mother/ father/wife/husband sister/brother friend/ daughter/ son) by developing patience, a sense of inner well-being.

Many more benefits can be found here

Yoga is not about shaping your body, but it’s about shaping your life. Yoga should not be kept as an option, it is beyond a physical activity. Make it as a discipline of your life. Don’t believe just, give a try and experience.

6 thoughts on “Yoga should not be an option, but a discipline.”

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  2. Yes, yoga should be a discipline rather than an option! But for this to happen, i feel, its necessary to create a proper awareness. Without everyone’s interest, the purpose is unserved!

  3. Absolutely…!!! When yoga can be medicine to all illness then why risk ourselves by rushing to hospitals wasting time money & additional risks, stress….Go for YOGA…

  4. Yes, Yoga is very imp in life..its like food which gives us energy the same way yoga to our body, Mind and soul…..i strongly agree wit u

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