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Can Yoga cure Varicose Veins or Spider Veins?

Science teaches about the Law of Gravitation, which pulls the energy downwards but yoga teaches about the Law of Grace that which raise the energy upwards. As a Yoga practitioner, I always believe in one theory that yoga has immense power and it can cure almost all the problems. To cure any medical conditions, first go to the root cause of the problems. In case of Varicose Veins in legs, the root cause is incompetent veins of legs.


varicose vein


Generally healthy veins return blood to the heart and lungs so it can be re-oxygenated. A system of valves makes this happen, by allowing the blood to flow in only one direction–up.


When valves fail or leak, the elasticity get lost, gravity causes blood to flow backwards and pool inside the vein, and the vein swells. This causes a varicose vein in the superficial veins in the legs. They often look blue, bulging, and twisted. This ailment often affect the legs because they are the farthest from the heart and gravity makes it harder for the blood to flow upward.


In this article, I am going to share the story of one of my therapeutic batch student. Student have reported 70% improvement in their conditions by regular practice of asana & pranayama sessions, in 25 classes till now.  And, I am sure he will get 100% cure soon. I remember the first day, when he came with the problem and asked, ” can Yoga cure Varicose Veins”? And, immediately I replied, yoga has immense power, it can cure anything. In starting days, yoga increased his leg pain caused by the pressure of muscles stretching. But, the pain was healthy pain. Later, within a week, the pain started reducing, swelling reduced.


Generally, when you suffer from varicose veins, the recommended poses are usually leg elevation poses.

This helps the accumulated lymph and blood to drain into the heart. Also, the pressure is eased. The relaxation that yoga imparts prevents worsening of the condition. Like Sarvangasana or any other position where you can hold your leg elevated.

However, even though he was not able to practice upside down posture regularly, though he has improved his conditions.


This is because of muscles toning. Stretching can improve elasticity and in turn elasticity of the valve too, which he is experiencing with the reduction of the swelling. That means less leaking and thus less accumulation of blood in legs. The entire legs and abdominal muscles are toned during yoga. This increases the muscular contraction to remove the block and narrows the veins. When calf muscle contraction occurs, the muscles are squeezed and relaxed. Overall, the condition is improved, and the limb movement is enhanced.


A varicose vein is not life threatening problem but can cause long-term health complications owing to the irregular blood supply to the heart. But fear not! When you have an efficient practice at hand to battle a problem like the varicose veins, you never have to consider something as serious as surgery. Practice yoga with patience and commitment, and you will see astonishing results. Try it to believe it. Have you ever considered yoga for varicose veins treatment?

I always suggest to people with health conditions should work with an experienced teacher who can help modify or avoid some yoga poses to prevent side effects.


Don’t wait for surgery, first try naturally and see the difference.

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  1. Yoga is like a gift to the human body through which they can achieve almost anything and protect here body from the diseases. Thanks for sharing the importance of yoga in the case of varicose veins, i don’t think many people would know about this, definitely going to share it with my friends.

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