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Yoga for Elite Performance and Mental Strength

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I feel sad when people complain about their ill health. There is a saying, “If you win the first hour of the morning – you end up winning your day”. This, is because – if you can begin your day – by switching on your creative mechanism with exercises targeted solely at awakening your mind and body – then you end up tuning up the vehicle that takes you through your day with some high performing fuel called relaxation. Self-Image psychology or psycho cybernetics credits the art of relaxation as one of the key components to performing like an elite mental athlete.

Stick consistently on a daily basis

Now – for you – an adult – if you needed to access this power – we would recommend initially to start with performing about 10  – 15 minutes of the yoga sequence  where you put  some soothing or spiritual music on the background – pay attention to your breath and focus on letting go of the knots of tension of various parts of your body through the flow of breath and body movement.

How to create a Balance Sheet of your life

Even if you’re working a hectic job, these yoga  sequence will help you to live quality life with your family & friends. Life is all about the few cherished memories that you pull out to view and take pleasure in your free moments. Along the way there will be moments when it makes you laugh, cry and even get a little angry – it’s all part of this wonderful journey called life. To ensure that you get the best of every moment of your sweet & bitter journey – we’ve created some sequence for you. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just for five or ten minutes – the fact that you are learning and spending time with yourself before your  hectic day starts– will leave a mark of positive love in your mind & body.

You may not be able to consciously remember it later – but soon you’ll see the time you want to spend with yourself will diminish – before that happens – before it becomes very late & out of control in this busy metro life – use this time wisely with the help of 8+8+8 theory.

In fact, we must create good balance sheet of our life:-

Divide 24 hours into= 8+8+8= 8hours to professional work + 8 hours to ( 2F+ 3H+3S )  + 8 hours to Good rest

2 F= Family, friends

3 H= Health, Hygiene, Hobby

3 S = Soul , Service , Smile

And, obviously, you can modify above theory according to what suits you. Yogi can reduce resting hours to 4- 6hours with higher practice of pranayama and Meditation. Extra hours can be utilised in awareness of the society & social services.

There is no better way than the wave of yoga that when flow through whole body mind system – detoxify completely. And, you will see yourself developing into a different personality. Save yourself & our surroundings- create awareness.

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