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20 Minutes of Detox Hatha Yoga Sequence | Destress Mind | Abdominal Health

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Try This Sweat-inducing Twisting Yoga Practice to Activate Your Body’s Natural Detoxification System. We’re going to detox our bodies in today’s article.  March in India is celebrated as a new year after Holi Celebration. And while that doesn’t make space for something – hopefully better – in your life, then it has no meaning. 

Start by physically stimulating your body to let go of accumulated waste, and watch as that affects your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. After all, it’s all connected.

The human body already has its own natural detoxification system in place. However, the body’s detoxification systems are designed to run without any external forces. A regular yoga practice, including vigorous twist asana and pranayama, as part of an overall wellness plan, can help the natural detox system run more efficiently.

These sequence has the power to help clear up accumulated toxins, emotional waste and mental garbage. It squeezes the abdominal organs and stimulates digestion, prevents constipation and enhance elimination.

How twisting asanas aid in detoxification of the body

1. Squeeze and Soak muscles Theory 

Twisting asanas create a “squeeze-and-soak” action in both –  the spine and the internal organs. 
The internal organs would become compressed in a twist, squeezing out old blood and waste, and then once released, fresh oxygenated blood would flow in, creating healthier organs just similar to a theory of washing a dirty cloths. I have used the same analogy with my students in describing how a yoga twist will keep the body healthy.

2. Stimulate metabolism

Twists do help to stimulate our organs, including the organs responsible for elimination, which in turn can help stimulate our metabolism and rate of excretion. This twist squeezes your body’s most important detox player, the liver, hastening an inner clean up of all the junk we cosume. There’s also a transverse squeeze happening that works on a number of other organs and glands of elimination and excretion, including the entire uro-genital system, the spleen, kidneys and the adrenals.

3. Sweating it Out

Twists also stimulate circulation; release tension in the muscles of the spine, abdomen and ribcage; and help to create heat. Creating heat through detox twist sequence is another popular detox tool used for sweating out and ultimately detoxing body. 

4. Fire Breath 

During twist asanas, we follow the concept of fire breath, that means”Twist longer. Breathe Ujjayi or deeper.  Sweat harder.” 
On an inhalation, the belly expands like a balloon; on the exhalation the diaphragm rapidly pulls the belly in. The inhalation/exhalation pace is deep, quick, but even & equal. Ujjayi breath, horse breathing  are the best breathing practice during your detox sequence.