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Even Kids can Practice ‘Arm Stand’ or ‘Head Stand’ | Yoga

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Most of us as children had no fear of going upside down; and even every yoga practitioner absolutely love the feeling of holding body inverted. 
It’s a great day for me today. 

As a parents, it’s super exciting to see Kush doing his first Handstand in 5.3years.

From morning, I was just playing with my son with this arm balance and suddenly saw Kush really ready to take it today. And, finally he did it. I am so happy for him.
Equilibrium brings equanimity

When we balance, we align our body’s centre of gravity with the earth’s gravitational field. Quite literally, we place ourselves in physical equilibrium with a fundamental force of nature. But we can’t achieve this harmony by remaining absolutely still. Instead, we must refresh our balance moment after moment. The sustained effort to centre and recenter, when successful, brings not only our flesh and bones into balance but also our nerve impulses, thoughts, emotions, and very consciousness. Hence, we feel calm.

Dear Parents take a challenge and imbibe best healthy gift in your child now, it’s full of happiness.

Kush has been practicing yoga since he was around 4 years old. But now he is getting more and more mature each passing day. Seeing him grow with such healthy activities, I really enjoying my yoga journey. Look him in this picture, when he was 4 years and was practicing head stand.


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