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Stress is something we have started accepting as a way of life

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Believe it or not, but stress is something we have started accepting as a way of life. Sometimes we would not able to recognise that we have too much of stress.

It is not uncommon for people. Stress causes tension in the muscles, clouds the mind and restricts breathing and all of these factors then affect the healthy functioning of the body. This is why it is extremely important to workout regularly. 

I would say that yoga is a holistic package. True to its name, which means ‘to unite’, it emphasises on bringing the body, mind and soul to a state of oneness. Every weekend group of people gets together to enjoy Sky Yoga in Lalbagh, Bangalore. Group yoga is so much fun, and it also promotes cooperation and builds deeper connections among the yogis and helps to reduce the stress level as well.


You can join us to cheer it.

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