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Bless the child with Antenatal Yoga

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Antenatal Yoga is amazing. Forget where you were, and focus on where you are now. Embrace your body! LOVE your amazing new MOMMA body, and radiate lots of energy throughout the day among families and friends.

Time on the mat will do that. The mat will serve as a guide to bring you back, perhaps even stronger than you were before.

Take time to breathe in each pose, explore the sensations of the stretch, find comfort and space in the spine, and learn to listen—REALLY listen to the requests of your physical self.

You can have time for your physical body, heal emotional wounds, and connect through your breath and movement to something higher than yourself.

“Make yourself a priority, schedule it on the calendar like any other appointment.”

As a mother, patience is sometimes endless and easy, other times…not so much. And by patience, I mean patience with our children, our spouses, and of course (often the most difficult), ourselves.

Yoga during my pregnancy taught me that learning and advancing in my practice takes time and patience. That it is a journey, and all the steps along the way make it worth the effort. I have learned to accept where I am, without losing sight of where I want to go.

The more you practice be what it is, the more you learn motherhood—you have to learn to just go with the flow.

I have shared my experience, Mommas, I want to hear from you. What other things would you add to this?

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