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Earthen Pots| The Organic way of cooking Food

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Why you must go back to cooking food in earthen pots? Clay used in making such utensils is alkaline which neutralises the acid content in the food & neutralises the pH levels during the cooking process and makes it easier to digest. Also, the food cooked in the earthen pot is high in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulphur content. One can easily avoid using oil while cooking, as the natural moisture present in the pot is sufficient to cook the food properly. 

The porous nature of clay pots adds to the flavour of the dish by keeping the nutrients intact, which most other types of utensils fail to preserve. 

Earthen Pots

Benefits of Using Clay Pots in Cooking

  • Clay pot’s porous nature allows both moisture and heat to circulate through the food, which results in slow yet aromatic food.
  • Clay is alkaline in nature and it interacts with the acidity in the food, thereby neutralising the pH balance and eventually making food healthier and a lot tastier. It is believed to provide the required minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sulphur that benefits our health.
  • Due to its heat resistance and slow cooking, the food retains all its oils and moisture; therefore, you wouldn’t require extra oil and fat for providing moisture to your food.
  • Due to slow cooking and porous nature of clay pots, the moisture and aroma tends to stay in the pot without losing any nutrient, hence making it flavoursome. It also has an earthy flavour added to it, which we bet you may not get in any other utensil.
  • Easily available.

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