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Making of our Eco Friendly Yoga Bag

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Our Story begins in this Covid Era, when we shifted our yoga Classes to the open space in Lalbagh Park, Bangalore. 
Result of temporary shutting down of yoga studios, which we had never anticipated! 

How the Idea Came?

While we walk all the way from the parking lot to Yoga Spot, I found a yoga mat is uncomfortable to carry. Also there is not enough room for thick mats, props and other essentials like water bottles, sanitizer or purse. 
I was eager to find a solution. 
Simultaneously, the Aatmanirbhar Bharat idea was conceptualized and gained momentum which triggered me to discuss this  with one of our yoga practitioners Ms. Sowmya Raman. She is an entrepreneur working on building an ethical & sustainable women’s wear brand. 
Sowmya and I decided to bring in an effective solution before International Yoga Day 2020. 

While walking


Due to lockdown restrictions, it was not easy to go out, especially  to Chickpet Market to research on fabric to be used to come up with sustainable yoga bags.
We wanted the bag to be eco friendly, durable and light-weight. 
We came up with the idea of Closure Cord instead of Zipchain to make it user friendly. 
Even so, we didn’t want to compromise on the pouches provided for yoga props.
To find space for yoga bricks was a challenge. Then Sowmya came up with an idea, ” Could these rolled mats be used to keep two bricks”.  


After some research with all kinds of mats, we came to the conclusion of increasing the size of yoga bags as per standard Yoga Bricks Size. Also we wanted the bag to be trendy in various prints like Rajasthani or Gujarati prints which will remind us of our culture and definately will be in line of our vision to make indigenous products, “Made in Bharat”

Wow finally Yoga Bags are Ready!

Now with all our efforts and ideas, the first sets of yoga bags are ready. You will no longer have to worry about figuring out a way to hold your mats, props, and other belongings without dropping them.

Wishing To Create Some Employment !

With Yoga continuing to increase in popularity, we are seeing more & more practitioners left without a simple carrying solution. 
Also, we are committed to turn Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to create Atmanirbhar Bharat. 
A substantial part of the demand for yoga bags in India are met through imports. 
While we have the Make in India Programme, isn’t it time that India takes the lead in the manufacturing of Yoga Essentials when the subject itself is Indian?
We wish to create some employment for the daily wage earners who are hard hit during this crisis.

Let us look at this video with Kushagra and count how many things can fit in this yoga bag!

Lets us understand the special features and dimensions of our Eco friendly all inclusive Yoga bag!

  1. Assorted Prints Our yoga mat bag is designed with all the yoga lovers in mind. This mat cover is trendy in various prints like Rajasthani or Gujarati prints which will remind us of our culture.
  2. Strong shoulder strap is able to hold the weight of the mat upto 7 Kg.
  3. Capacity : The bags are able to comfortably accommodate any standard sized yoga mat, and yoga props 2 wooden bricks, yoga belt.
  4. Hidden Pocket & Side Pocket: The mat bag has two pockets for keys, mobile, water bottle & Sanitizer.
  5. Eco Friendly: These bags are incredibly well made with cotton and eco friendly – perfect for daily use.
  6. Quality Stitching: This bag is crafted with excellent quality Stitching. All our bags have finishing, & the insides are overlock stitched for extra durability and long lasting.
  7. Size: 75 cms x 16cms x 16cms

Keep Yoga Bag Eco Friendly and experience the difference.