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The Story of Shift through 200 RYT Yoga Training

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A great life with Narayana Health with all the perks and a background in ‘MBA in Hospital and Health Care Management’. I, Sushma Bharti looked back and took deep breath and moved on from that. 

Today, I am a full time Yoga and Wellness Mentor at BMS Yoga Rehab Studio and founder of providing live sessions during this lockdown on Facebook, Youtube & Zoom , open for all. 

Early October 2016’, I took that bold step of making the choice to do what I really believe on. Noticing that anxiety and stress are a part of one’s job these days and the amount of ourselves we give to our work, one forgets to look inside and retrospect. We forget to take care of ourselves, the way of life has to change. This Lockdown will definitely change the mindset of many. 

My Challenge

It wasn’t easy at all. The reality is different when it hits home. The struggle was real when I decided to go for certification with my little one Kushagra at two and half years. Then one day, I finally took the step and started my journey. A 200 RYT teacher training program at 1000 Yoga Bangalore; a whole lot of determination, and immense amounts of self-belief came the first page in my book.

My Family

My First Move

I started BMS studio at BMS Hospital Premises in Bangalore, none of the students showed up till one and half months, but I wa as committed then as I am now. My focus was to shift the idea of ‘reward’ from outer material things to inner happiness. As a teacher it is challenging, one has to deal with several energies, it is important to keep the self-practice going no matter what”.

BMS Yoga & rehab Studio

Yoga and Mindfulness are tools that helped me and I always share this with my students. I believe in the strength of the science and spirituality that comes with it. 

My Lockdown Story

Today, I believe we have all the time in the world to sit, watch and enjoy this incredible plethora of things that have been happening all along all around me and that we have been blind and deaf and indifferent to. There has been such a huge shift in everyone’s lives. The news has been difficult for a few months even before this, since January. Everyone has faced challenging times, I also had to shut down Studio Classes. 

Trying Times Of Covid-19

In conversation with many friends I realized that most people can even struggle more if yoga classes get stop. I decided to continue with Facebook, Youtube & Zoom LIVE, a simple one but most effective “Art of breathing” the tool most of us forget. My sessions are open to all, from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM, Monday to Saturday. 

Zoom Live Sessions

Yoga sessions can be a good kick start of your day positively. And for many of us who are currently struggling with our sleep cycles and waking up, log out of your work, computer and phone and check in with yourself. Do something soothing and get in to bed by 10pm. Enjoy the Lockdown time indoors with your family and yourself, and of course with Yoga Tute !

Youtube Live Sessions

Enjoy the Lockdown time indoors with your family and yourself, and of course with Yoga Tute !

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