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Ayurvedic Diet Chart for Diabetes Mellitus Patient


5-7 tender leaves of Neem empty stomach daily,
Bitter gourd-Cucumber-Tomato (each 1 in number) juice empty Stomach,
Sprouted Moong and Gram,
Papaya and Guava in small quantity,

Lunch & Dinner

Multi Grains Flour or Missa
Ata- Flour prepared with (wheat+ barley+ gram+ soyabean ) along with chaff, moong+ Arhar+ Gram Pulses,
Vegetables- Bitter Gourd/ Pointed Gourd/ Sweet Luffa/ Gourd/spinach/ bathua (lamb’s quarter), drumstick, fenugreek leaves, onion, Garlic, lemon, green chilli.


Butter Milk
Tomato-cucumber-cabbage-corriander leaves salad
Fenugreek seeds water

Avoid things(Unwholesome)

– Avoid sedentary life.
– Avoid sleep during day time after lunch.
– Never suppress the urges for urine and faeces.
– Intake of freshly harvested grains.
– Rice, curd, sugar cane, sweet orange, mishri, banana, pomegranate, fig, cheeku, apple, sugar, jaggery and potato.
– Smoking and Alcohol is strictly prohibited.